Did you know your School Nurses. . .?



For many students, the school nurse is the only health professional they ever see. Nurses do far more than bandaging scraped knees and twisted wrists, they deal with multiple severe medical problems not to exclude social and emotional problems that children bring to school. We asked our local, Box Elder School District’s head nurse, Bonnie Young, “What is the most common problem you see among students?” She replied, “Anxiety and depression.”

Here is “a day in the life” of your school nurses:

7:45 AM – work begins in the schools following up with parents, teachers, staff, and students. Then attend an “at risk” meeting to discuss interventions for students who potentially won’t graduate. Off to assist with a student who tried to run from school. Then, finally making it to the office to begin paperwork for the development of a care plan for a student with a health concern. Then on to coordinate with the building and maintenance manager for an upcoming preparedness expo. Next, solidify emergency preparedness plans i.e. lockdown situation, building relocation, earthquake, etc. A few phone calls made to parents regarding students with diabetes. Off to the middle school for a planning meeting with the schools’ administrator for a 504 (disability accommodations in the classroom) plan for a student. Back to the office to review the drug testing policy which is in the process of being amended by the Superintendent. Check and reply to numerous emails concerning a variety of student issues. Enter care plans into the tracking software. On to development of policies and procedures in schools if a health crisis occurs (seizures, asthma attacks, fights, diabetes episode, etc.) Update the calendar, adding four new appointments to an already tight schedule. Development of a training for glucagon administration. At the end of the day, a meeting with a parent to discuss their student’s 504 plan. All of that, while being on call all day, just in case help is needed for an injury in P.E. Class or to attend to a skateboard biff wound cleaning. Many times the school nurse gets called just because no one knows who else to ask, who else to call, or what to do.

School Nurses matter enormously!!

Your school nurses’ number one goal is to support student learning. They accomplish that in many different ways, as you can see from the description of a typical day. Isn’t it comforting to know that you have someone else on your support team that cares about your success in school and in life? Your school nurses want you to know that they are an advocate for you.  They may not have all the answers but they can send you in the right direction to find what you need. They can provide access to a vast assortment of resources. Their job is to protect your rights, confidentiality, autonomy and dignity.  Their biggest concern is that students won’t see or live up to their potential. They want to see you succeed!

To contact your school nurses for the Box Elder District:

  • behd.net
    • School Nurses/Health
  • Call:
    • Office: 435-734-4800

School Assignments:

Bonnie (Administrator):

  • BEHS
  • BEMS
  • ACYI
  • Foothill
  • DYCH
  • ILSC
  • Snowville
  • Park Valley
  • Grouse Creek


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