Celebrating Siblings!


Siblings – those that share our childhood, day after day, those that best understand all our quirky family dynamics and have a deeper connection through shared experiences. At times, siblings can tease and provoke frustration but below you will find tips to help build and strengthen this relationship. This relationship can see you through many difficult experiences throughout your lifetime and provide a great deal of joy!

Recognize your siblings strengths – Are they creative?  Are they funny? Do they help you with homework, household responsibilities? Help to bring out the best in them.

Watch out for them – practice sticking up for family members if they are being bullied or teased. Support and safety is critical within the family unit.

Be respectful, even if you disagree – personal attacks are never acceptable. Practice assertiveness, voicing your views but also being open to others’ opinions. Agreeing to disagree is an example of setting a healthy boundary.

Offer support – provide a safe place to process feelings. If your sibling has had a “tough” day, allow them to vent and dispel some negativity and provide encouragement and space.

Watch for opportunities to share common interests – music, sports, games…find interactive, healthy ways to connect and grow a stronger relationship.

Don’t compare – learn to see each other for their own unique talents and strengths, just because you share similar genes doesn’t mean you can’t embrace and recognize your differences.

To sum it up, strive to build a trusting relationship through open, honest communication. Set healthy boundaries and practice respectful language and compromise, when possible.

For more information, visit https://teachingselfgovernment.com/parenting-blog/6-steps-making-siblings-friends-not-foes