And the winners are…


Thank you to all that participated in the “Build Your Personal Resilience” contest. So many great ideas to help each of us in

Developing  a Personal Shield of Resiliency to “DEFLECT” harm.


Work towards. . .

Building Personal Strength and Protection by:

  • Positivity: Self talk, attitude, optimism
  • Take Responsibility: mature decisions and actions
  • Focus on Ability: recognize personal strengths
  • Integrity (define): do the right thing for yourself and others
  • Resist Pressure: stand up for your health, take care of you!
  • Embrace Uniqueness: you are the best YOU anyone can be
  • Build Communication Skills: Listen and be assertive
  • Identify Support: reach out when you need help
  • Set Personal Goals and Embrace New Opportunities: be open to new experiences

First place goes to Jessica Wood! Very colorful and creative! The judges loved how the shield shows dents/dings from some of the attacks it has helped defend against. This is how Resiliency helps us through difficult times. Great job!

Honorable Mentions go to: Samantha Griesbach, Rachel Butts, Hannah Dooley and Israel Varela! Great job reinforcing ways to build personal strength and protection!

Prizes will be available on Monday, October 17th from Mrs. Madsen, in the Counseling Office.1st-place-jessicawoodhonorablemention-samanthagriesbachhonorablemention-rachelbuttshonorablemention-hannahdooleyhonorablemention-israelvarela