A Bear River Health Department class for youth, 14-19 years old, in Box Elder County. Be Proud! Be Responsible! students participate in 6 educational modules.

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Learn more about fun and educational activities that will  help you build healthy relationships and develop life skills to achieve educational/career success.  

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Resources Galore! Learn about community agencies that support and help you build healthy relationships, healthy life skills, and achieve educational/career success.

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September 2015
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Our partners (The New Hope Crisis Center) will be offering their annual conference in August! Great information and fun! Spread the word and bring a friend!

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Summer jobs and internships (whether they’re paid or not) are a great way to prepare for life after high school or for college. The skills you learn early on will help you develop the professional talents you’ll need throughout your life. These include basic, but important, skills like customer service or working with people who may be very different from the family and friends you hang out with. Work experience can also help you feel good about yourself. The self-esteem […]

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Do you believe in yourself? Or do you sometimes fall into thinking that you’ll never be good at things? You can build confidence! The exercises below are designed to help. Building confidence takes practice. It’s not an overnight thing. These exercises are designed to be done regularly. Make time to practice! Ready to get started? Pick up a journal or notebook and write each task at the top of a new page. Then write your answers underneath. Handwriting helps our […]

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Summer fun can include sleeping in, hanging out with friends, family vacations, camping, reunions; all of these are great ways to recharge and reconnect. Summer can also lead to boredom and lack of routine which can throw our eating and exercise habits into an unhealthy tail spin. Here are a few tips to help keep your choices and your summer as healthy as it can be… 1. Establish a summer routine that includes some type of physical activity most days. […]

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Online Job Searches When searching for jobs online, be sure to include a parent, school counselor or other adult. If you decide to apply for a position you find online, run it by them first — and definitely involve an adult before going for an interview! Unfortunately, a tough economy can mean more online scams. Jobs to Avoid Some jobs just aren’t right for teens. Jobs that involve working alone late at night can increase the risk for muggings or […]

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Thinking about a summer job? As more people continue to compete for fewer openings, you’ll need to start looking early, do your research, and apply to more positions. So, it’s more important than ever to have a job search plan. What’s the Right Job for Me? To find a job that’s right for you, make a list of your interests and strengths, as well as your dislikes, and keep them in mind as you look for a job. For example, […]

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This project is sponsored by the Bear River Health Department and supported in part by the Personal Responsibility Education Program from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth, and Families.