A Bear River Health Department class for youth, 14-19 years old, in Box Elder County. Be Proud! Be Responsible! students participate in 6 educational modules.

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Learn more about fun and educational activities that will  help you build healthy relationships and develop life skills to achieve educational/career success.  

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Resources Galore! Learn about community agencies that support and help you build healthy relationships, healthy life skills, and achieve educational/career success.

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December 2016
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Many of us spent the last few weeks in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, known as the busiest travel weekend of the year. Many people travel and arrange to spend time with family and friends, enjoying favorite foods and traditions. With Thanksgiving behind us, for this year, please consider spending a moment to reflect. What are you thankful for? Visit this link to learn “3 Ways to Practice Gratitude.” Teenshealth.org provides a variety of great tips to help with mental and […]

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Thank you to all that participated in the “Build Your Personal Resilience” contest. So many great ideas to help each of us in Developing  a Personal Shield of Resiliency to “DEFLECT” harm. EACH OF US EXPERIENCE ATTACKS Work towards. . . Building Personal Strength and Protection by: Positivity: Self talk, attitude, optimism Take Responsibility: mature decisions and actions Focus on Ability: recognize personal strengths Integrity (define): do the right thing for yourself and others Resist Pressure: stand up for your […]

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During Hope Week (Sept 26-30), Box Elder Middle School students were invited to enter a contest by sharing their creative skills by designing their own personal Resiliency Shield! What is a Resiliency Shield, you ask? A Resiliency Shield is something each of us should build to “deflect or absorb” some of the difficulties we each may face in our lives. A shield protects us from attacks or harm caused by others. By building our own personal strength (a.k.a. Resiliency Shield) […]

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For many students, the school nurse is the only health professional they ever see. Nurses do far more than bandaging scraped knees and twisted wrists, they deal with multiple severe medical problems not to exclude social and emotional problems that children bring to school. We asked our local, Box Elder School District’s head nurse, Bonnie Young, “What is the most common problem you see among students?” She replied, “Anxiety and depression.” Here is “a day in the life” of your […]

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, summer is almost over and school starts later this month.  One positive to this is the chance to see friends who (even though you promised you would) you haven’t seen since school ended.  With this happy reunion comes the expected question, “What did you do this summer?”  Well, what did you do?  Did you go on a family vacation, or camping, or play sports?  Did you farm, or read, […]

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Hi Girls! It’s time to save your seat for the 16th annual Box Elder County Girl’s Empowerment Conference August 16-17! We are looking forward to a special focus on Self-Worth, Life Skills, and Healthy Relationships! The costs have been kindly funded by generous grants, so this is a Free Event, Lunch and gift bag included! We would like to say huge “thank you’s” to all of the staff and friends of the New Hope Crisis Center for letting this event […]

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This project is sponsored by the Bear River Health Department and supported in part by the Personal Responsibility Education Program from the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth, and Families.